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Maxi Basket Dip Tank


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The Poultryman Maxi Basket Dip Tank enables poultry to be efficiently and uniformly scalded prior to plucking.

  • Birds are placed in the basket, the lid secured and the start button pressed.
  • The basket rotates in and out of the water for a set duration. During this time the birds tumble in the water and receive a uniform soaking to all parts of the body.
  • The water is heated by extended life immersion heaters and the temperature is controlled by a digital temperature controller. This controller displays both the set point and actual temperature at all times.
  • At the end of the scalding cycle the basket stops in the original loading position and the lid can be opened and birds removed for plucking.
  • The duration of scalding is pre-set by the operator by means of a timing module and like the temperature controller remains at the pre-set value and doesnt need to be re-set after power has been removed.


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