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Wax Reclaim Tank


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Designed to meet the specific requirements of reclaiming wax during or after wax processing of poultry. To economically wax process poultry it is essential the used wax is reclaimed for re-use. In the past this task has been time consuming and difficult, incorporating a wide variety of methods. This tank enables wax to be reclaimed as a continuous process during production with virtually no additional manpower.

The unique design of filter ensures all wax is free from any debris and has been sterilized as a part of the process. The filter can cope with high levels of feather content and needs cleaning typically once per day, so keeping down- time to a minimum. The use of water in the reclaiming process has been eliminated. This ensures the reclimed was is cleaner and retains much better adhesion properties when re-used.

Features of the Wax Reclaim Tank are:

  • All stainless steel construction with 30mm of insulation on all sides of the tank and lid keeping running costs to a minimum.
  • Full adjustable temperature control with digital read-out.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel filter which is easy to remove and clean.
  • Free standing, mounted on adjustable rubber feet requiring no installation.
  • No maintenance or consumable parts.
  • Powered from a 16A 240V supply.


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