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Wax Tank with Reclaim


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The use of wax is a convenient and efficient method of speeding up the finishing stages of plucking.
This wax tank has been designed specifically for small batch production of all types and sizes of birds.

Fabricated from 2mm stainless steel, making it very durable and easy to clean, complete with lid.

Heated by a 1.5kw immersion heater. Low electric usage due to efficient design.

Drainage point is provided (1⁄2” BSP), for the inner tank. The outer jacket also has a filler and overflow connections. Filter available for reclaiming.

The tank is controlled by a three position switch.

We are also able to manufacturer this type of tank to suit specific customer requirements. In particular a larger tank, insulated outer jackets and dedicated reclaim tanks.

0 = OFF
1 = ON – Thermostatically controlled and set at dipping temperature (typically 70°C).

2 = ON – Thermostatically controlled, temperature of 130°C, enabling the reclaiming process to be performed.



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